Brand. Message. Audience.
Achieve Total Clarity.

Develop a unified and clear message, a focused identity and total clarity on your ideal customer using intelligent brand strategy and design.

Who We Are

Our Story

We ask a lot of why? here. We want to know what makes you tick. We want to know what makes your customers tick. But, above all, we want to know what makes you different.

We work with ambitious companies, non-profits, movers and shakers to build iconic, meaningful and effective brands, improve their client engagement, increase quality leads and grow profits.

Here, we’re more than a bunch of creatives, we’re business people, just like you. We believe that companies that engage their clients from a position of authenticity will be the most successful and profitable brands in their market.

We work with large and small business alike to help them craft ideas, identities, stories & experiences that connect them with their customers and market in a more authentic and meaningful fashion.

Your Story

You’re an ambitious business searching for innovative thinking and creative ideas to help you grow. You know there is a better way to control your positioning and market your company. You just don’t know how.

You want to work with an agency who cares about business outcomes. You want to be excited, intrigued and educated. You’re looking for partners who challenge you to move your success to the next level.

Most importantly, you want to find and refine your brand identity and build something meaningful, both personally and in business.

Great! So do we. Let’s get started.

What We Do


Great brands connect, resonate and spread through the eyes and hearts of their followers. Good brands have customers, great brands have fans. Ready to build a great brand?


We don’t create websites, we create web-based business solutions. Lead generating machines that increase visits, volume and profit. The Internet is no place for a vanity placeholder; some online brochure for your business. The Internet is a place for a full time, 24/7 sales person, dedicated to increasing your leads and extending your brand. Interested?


Design should never be about, “Do you like it?” it should be about, “Does it work?”Just like a well developed brand or custom website, design projects should commence with the question, “What are you trying to achieve, and why?”

Armed with that information, we apply structured design processes coupled with experienced creativity to produce effective, beautiful designs that achieve the goals they set out to. Want to design something beautiful?


Video is already one of the most effective solutions for engaging with consumers. RedTrain takes it one step further, allowing people to become even more immersed in your videos using 360 video.

360 video, allows viewers to explore every angle of your videos by dragging their mouse or moving their phone to shift their point of view 360 degrees – up, down, left or right. Best of all, this technology is as affordable as traditional video! Time to get started?

What We’ve Done

"Gordon's Estate Services wasn't looking for a total redesign, but we needed some help and new ideas to refresh our 50 year old brand and RedTrain delivered! They've given us the tools to move forward with confidence and clarity. RedTrain brought us back to our brand basics and helped bring our image and message back into focus. Thank you!"

− Nicky Breeze, Gordon's Estate Services

"The team at RedTrain has been key in helping our real estate team continue to grow over the last year. Their attention to detail in both the design and implementation of our branding has resulted in an increased market share, and increased revenues.

To the whole team - I can’t thank you enough for assisting us in getting where we are today!"

− Tim Barber, Blakney & Barber Real Estate Team, RE/MAX Finest Realty Inc.

"RedTrain's creative expression surpasses the main stream. The entire team works very well under pressure & never ceases to amaze me at how they can make deadlines no matter the complexity."

− Andrew Good, Good Property Maintenance

"RedTrain revitalized my corporate logo, giving it a fresh new look and feel. They displayed a good understanding of branding and marketing and ensured the design was flexible yet effective. I highly recommend RedTrain!"

− Martha Stanton-Smith, Rearrangements Home Staging

"I love the new website, an incredible update from our old one. Your team patiently gathered all the necessary info to create a website that was unique and targeted to our market. Thank you!"

− Mim White, Addiction Counselling Services